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Make your Resolution a Lifestyle

If you just started hitting the gym and eating clean for 2022 we hopped on the podcast to give a few tips and tricks to make sure you can turn this resolution into a lifestyle!


Maybe you started working out this week and you're almost too sore to move...

Recover by stretching - Lizzie has been posting some stretches and every Saturday 8am she hosts yoga classes at Sun City Athletic Club and Live on TikTok @LizzieIFBBPro you can also search for stretch videos online. Try to stretch whenever you have any time to do so!

Recover with Epsom Salt Baths - the one we're talking about in the podcast that we like is called Dr Teal's Performance Epsom salt

Recover with Aminos - purchase either BCAA or EAA aminos. You can drink this during the workout or after. You can find these at

or on Amazon


Have your workouts already written out or get an online coach to make your workouts for you (Check out training options at )

Also have extra workout gear in your car incase you don't have time to stop by your house to change.


If you're starting to hit the gym but running low on energy you can use supplements such as pre-workout or fat burners. The pre-workout we recommend is N.O.Xplode Vaso which you can purchase here or on Amazon. You can also take fat-burners for extra energy and appetite suppressant. Always consult your doctor before taking any of these products. And start slow with pre-workout just 1/4 a scoop then 1/2 etc til you reach a full scoop.


Find a trainer or a friend to workout with that will hold you accountable. It's much easier to skip gym sessions or give-up if you don't have that accountability. Even just posting on your social media that you're starting a fitness regimen and keep doing updates can be a way to hold yourself accountable.

We're excited to continue to bring great podcast content into this new year 2022! Please feel free to contact us with any podcast topics you'd like us to cover! We love connecting with our listeners!!

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