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Relationship Fitness: How to treat your fitness regimen like a good relationship.

You may have heard the statement: “Couples that train together stay together!” This statement is true not only because training together holds you accountable, but it also can strengthen your relationship while strengthening your muscles!!

Studies show that most people gain weight when they are in a relationship. Putting on this extra “love weight” can be damaging not only to your health but with your attraction to one another. This Valentine’s day, give the gift of health and fitness! Here are some steps to take together to start a new and healthy lifestyle:

1) Set a Schedule: Sit down together and make a plan to start a health & fitness regimen together. One of the reasons people put on this extra weight in a relationship is because we now have to coordinate schedules with one another. What days and times could you both fit in exercise? Try to start with 3 days a week for at least one hour. Make sure you’re able to get some cardio and weight training into your routine.

2) Get Help: When a relationship is on the rocks people go see a therapist for help. In the fitness world, that’s what personal trainers are for! Even if you hire a trainer for just one month to teach you the ropes, it’s a great investment! A trainer can give your routines to follow, let you know where to start, and show you the correct form to prevent injuries.

3) Pick a nutrition plan: It’s important when choosing what diet start that it’s something reasonable for your lifestyle. If you both enjoy cooking, a paleo plan is a cool diet because there are so many different recipes to choose from for clean eating. If you both eat out a lot, talk to a nutritionist about how to order healthy options at restaurants. If neither of you cook, maybe start with a meal prep cook who can cook your healthy meals for you. A business I personally suggest is Nosh Meal Prep! Located on the westside: 915-206-0414. Make sure to also clear out all temptations of unhealthy snacks from your home together!

4) Put in the effort: As a fitness professional, I can tell you that if you don’t work your muscles, you’re going to lose them. Same as a relationship… If you’re not willing to put in the work, you can lose that significant other. If one of you slacks it, the other will also start to slack. So remember the importance of what you are doing and how important your effort and support is to your significant other.

5) Maintain: Just like a relationship needs maintenance daily so does exercise. Do something daily together to keep moving. It doesn’t have to always be at a gym. Home workouts, classes, walking, park dates etc. can help you continue your activity day to day.


-Talk to each other when eating your meals: it will help you keep your mind busy so you’ll eat less!

-Take a walk together after dinner. It’s romantic too!

- Commit to eating healthy during the week and having one cheat meal for date night at your favorite restaurant.

-Post fit tips and reminders around the house to always keep your fitness regimen in the forefront of your mind.

-Communicate when you’re struggling so you can have that extra support from your significant other.

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