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Monday Motivation #3

Focus on time for YOU.

Focusing on yourself

Hello this is Lizzie from the swolemates podcast with your Monday Motivation! I believe if you listen to these each week and build upon each motivational thought by the end of the year you will be reaching your goals 100%

We have recently focused on our water intake, the why of food choices, not waiting for Monday.. and today we will be focusing on making time for yourself.

A lot of us especially as women or mothers tend to put everyone before ourselves, and put ourselves last. And although it is a wonderful quality to have, we need to remember to think about ourselves sometimes or we won’t be around very much longer to continue to take care of others.

This week MAKE the time to focus on yourself. Make the time during the week to cook healthy for yourself. Make the time during the week to workout. Make the time to take a relaxing bath or even to shave your legs!! Plan it ahead of time, write it down in your calendar as a marked appointment. Don’t tell yourself I’ll get it in when I get in. I remember Shane use to do that, he would let clients come in at anytime and he’s tell me he’d get his workout in when he could but then instead of working out everyday like he wanted to, he would only get in 3-4 sessions a week because he didn’t keep a scheduled time for himself. I told him he had to set an hour that he doesn’t let any clients or work in & that he can just focus on his workout. We’ve both made 8am our hour between our 7am/9am clients because it was a harder hour to fill up. And now he gets his workout in everyday.

So this week continue to focus on a lot of water intake, why you are choosing the foods you’re choosing, don’t wait for Monday and set aside time for yourself!

Thank you for listening to swolemates podcast! We will now be having the Monday Motivation typed up on our blog! At

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